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supported & sponsored by
businesses in Callander, Strathyre, Inverness,
and private class sponsors.

SATURDAY 26th JULY, 2008

In aid of Callander Community Development Trust

We couldn't believe it..... 136 dogs entered the show. Four persons decided to withdraw with nine dogs between them, but 127 dogs went into their classes and entries topped 500.. All classes were in double figures and Class 9. Best Visiting dog from over 15 mile radius of the venue attracted 66 entries.

A big 'thank you' to everyone, near and far, for supporting this show and making it successful. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Mrs.Andrena Cowan (Andwalls) of Menstrie, kindly agreed to judge the Breed and Novelty classes. With her steward, Gloria Hall and assistants, Guides Roseanne Tye and Kirsty Crawford, Mrs. Cowan and her team worked through without a break, because the classes were so big. They all deserve a medal for such dedication to duty. Mrs. Cowan has given her own report Judge's Report on the show, so I'll leave that to her, except to say that it is impossible to give the placings in every class, but the results are available to any one wishing to know.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Level was examined by Mrs. Corinne Kennedy of Fair City Dog Training Club in Perth, with Ann Watt and Jenifer McGee. The Scheme attracted 26 dogs, of which 20 actually took the test; 16 passed and 4 were judged as Not Ready. The 'Stay' exercise and 'Return to Handler' were the cause of those Not Ready.

The Kennel Club continues to be pleased at the number taking the test. Normally, the dog and handler attends a training class for between 8-10weeks, then take the test, usually at the same venue. Our handlers 'walked in off the street' , many not knowing anything about what was required, but they tried and, as can be seen, many passed.Many congratulations to you all, but Mrs. Kennedy has also given her own report, Examiner's Report,  so I leave the KCGC to her.......

Although not part of the Companion Dog Show, the Heelwork to Music team from Help Fife Animals Dog Training Club shared our corner of the showground and entertained with displays during the afternoon.

Without my willing 'show staff', Pat Howie of Drumvaich, Carol White of Gentle Dog Training and Angie McAra, who took pity on us and came down from Perth to 'staff the back office', I could not run this show. They all said they enjoyed their day and are ready for the next one. Thanks to Callander Guides, Roseanne Tye and Kirsty Crawford for their professional approach and tireless efforts in assisting the steward, and to Guide Leader Ann McLachlan for liaison. I hope you meant what you said girls and you will come again next year; you did a fantastic job.

Grateful thanks go to the Executive of the Co-operative Group and to Half Crown (Flick) for agreeing to fund the rosettes; to Ian Mitchell and William Jackson of Arden House; to Mr. Patrick Duffy, Manager of Scottish Co-op, Callander; to all the businesses in Callander, Strathyre and Inverness, and to the private sponsors; to my friends and those of my neighbours for their generous donations; to Gentle Dog Training, Callander for the donation of dog toys to the winners of each Child Handling class; to Ogilvie's for their generousity in donating a reel of orange netting and metal stakes; to Polmaise Pets Ltd., for loaning equipment and their enthusiastic promotion of the show.

One last mention of sponsors must go to Simply Stone out by Keltie Bridge. Sponsoring a class, donating wine for the judges and stewards, and providing dog biscuits for prizes was more than kind, but the help we were given to erect the gazebos... and take them down.... and the facility offered for off-loading equipment in between runs was beyond value....there's only so much a Zafira will hold. Thank you very much.

As always, my thanks go to Callander & District Round Table, to Danny McKirgan and John Stirling for continuing to support this event... and me. As I've said before, running any event is hard work at any time, running it alone is a nightmare and would be impossible without the help of so many willing supporters. Thank you to everyone. The very positive remarks from exhibitors makes all the hard work worthwhile.

With all monies now in and the accounts finalised, the total amount raised by this year's dog show is 1,160. 84.

In common with most events of its kind, Callander World Highland Games charges an admission fee to the showground. With the dog show being held within the showground, Callander & District Round Table, who host the Games, have, again, been good enough to donate 4 of the gate money for each of the 127 dogs entered at the show, boosting the funds by 508.

Class sponsorship from businesses in Callander, Strathyre, Inverness, and private class sponsors, and donations from friends and neighbours, have added to the money raised by the show itself. So, a very big 'thank you' to everyone who supported the dog show, and to Ben Ledi View for all the publicity.

The cheque for 1,160. 84 was presented to the Callander Community Development Trust by Callander Community Council at their meeting in October and the money used, as it was last year, for the Callander Christmas lights.

Just as a final note to all those attending the dog show. Well Done, all of you there was no.... on our part of the showground, even in the exercise area, late on Saturday evening. It can be done, and it shows it can be done. Unfortunately, it is only the minority, as with anything, that blacken the name of all........ and it was as well I noticed the pile left in the spot that was directly BEHIND our gazebo on show day, when I went to take the rings down on Sunday morning....

Penny Hargrave.
Show Organiser.

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