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SATURDAY 28th JULY, 2007

In aid of Callander Community Development Trust

With the Police Dogs present on both days, if was agreed that we keep our position in the corner of the showground. Class entries were up, with nearly all classes in double figures. After all the hard work in publicising the event, it was pleasing to have 93 dogs entered, with exhibitors still coming from a wide area. Class 9. Best Visiting dog from over 15 mile radius of the venue attracted 35 entries.

A big 'thank you' goes to everyone, near or far, who support this show and make it successful. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Mrs. Iris Soutar, of Crieff, kindly agreed to judge the Breed and Novelty classes, and has submitted her own Judge's Report on the show, for which I'm very grateful. So I'll leave that to her, except to say that it is impossible to give the placings in every class, but the results are available to any one wishing to know.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Level attracted 20 dogs all of whom passed. The most common reason in past years for those considered 'Not Ready', was the lack of an identification tag on the dog's collar, which is required by law. Thankfully, owners now seem to be taking notice of this requirement and every dog tested had the tag on its collar.

To help promote the Scheme and encourage handlers to 'have a go', the examiner, Mrs. Andrena Cowan of Andwalls School of Pet Dog Training in Alva, brought a small team, who demonstrated the exercises. This did prove successful, and reflected in the numbers taking part and the general interest shown in the Scheme, particularly as most have never heard of it.

The Kennel Club continue to be pleased at the number taking the test. Normally, the dog and handler attends a training class for between 8-10weeks, then take the test, usually at the same venue. Our handlers 'walked in off the street' , many not knowing anything about what was required, but they tried and, as can be seen, they passed.

Many congratulations to you all. Mrs. Cowan has submitted her own Examiner's Report, inlcuding those who passed.

However, being 'locals', special congratulations must go to our two Callander residents: Holly (Collie Cross) with Margaret Cameron, and Oscar (Westie) with Doreen Wynn. Well done both of you.... and your handlers, of course.

Last minute arrangements were made with Help Fife Animals Dog Training Club and their Heelwork to Music display team. It was wonderful to see the variety of breeds in the team and the age range of the handlers, from a little girl upwards, proving that anyone with any dog can enjoy themselves. Certainly the audiences round the ringside appreciated the performances. Help Fife Animals Heelwork to Music Team said they had all enjoyed themselves and would like to come again.

Without my willing 'show staff', Pat Howie of Drumvaich and June Hope, I could not run this show. They said they both enjoyed their day and are ready for the next show. Thanks to Callander Guides, Fabine Laing, Fiona Morgan and in particular to Roseanne Tye, who stayed to the end and did a fantastic job as assistant to the steward.

Grateful thanks go the the Executive of Scottish Co-op for agreeing to fund the rossettes again, to Ian Mitchell and William Jackson of Arden House, to Mr. Patrick Duffy, Manager of Scottish Co-op, Callander, to all the businesses in Callander, Inverness, Lincolnshire and to the private sponsors of classes, to my friends and those of my neighbours for their generous donations, and to Gentle Dog Training, Callander for the donation of dog toys to the winners of each Child Handling class.

This year, Callander & District Round Table donated 4 of the gate money for each of the 93 dogs entered at the show, boosting the funds by 372.

With all monies now in and the accounts finalised, the total amount raised by the dog show is 789.40. The cheque was presented to the Callander Community Development Trust by Callander Community Council, at their meeting in October.

As always, a very big 'thank you' goes to everyone who supported the dog show and to Ben Ledi View for all the publicity. Again, my thanks to Callander & District Round Table and Danny McKirgan and John Stirling for continuing to support this event. Running any event is hard work at any time; running it alone is a nightmare and would be impossible without the help of willing supporters. The very positive remarks from exhibitors make all the hard work worthwhile.

Yes, another show is required for next year...............

Just as a final thank you to all those attending the dog show, well done, there was not so much as a dog hair left on our part of the showground, so it shows it can be done and that it is only the minority, as with anything, that blacken the name of all.

Penny Hargrave.
Show Organiser.

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