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Ever Tried Obedience? Another Update

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The year 2001, did not start well for us. Hovis (Leebren Cinnamon Fizz) was taken to rest in January. She was a great wee dog and has left a huge hole in all our lives.

My 'boys', Robbie (Leebren Rob Roy) and Angus (Cavallino Jaeger) have been very badly affected and for Robbie, her loss was devastating. For four months, he lost all interest in life and would sit with his head under my arm and his back to the world. Now, 'the boys' are inseparable and this has brought its own problems - Robbie gets anxious and Angus screams, when they are apart. Perhaps the solution is another puppy, but not yet. Angus

Many events and activities were affected by the Foot and Mouth crisis, this year. Along with many others, South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society, of which we are part, cancelled their Spring show, but Birmingham National Championship managed to go ahead at Easter. Some members of S.E.C.T.D.S. Demonstration Team were able to take up the invitation to attend, and gave very successful performances on all days. Living in a rural area, we did not go. It was disappointing not to be there, but the year did bring some successes.

Robbie and Hovis both had their Silver Good Citizen, and Angus had his Bronze. Fair City Dog Training Club were again hosting the tests; it was time to try for the Gold. At the end of June, I am so very proud to say that my Robbie passed his Gold Level Good Citizen. According to Heidi Lawrence, The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Manager, Robbie is one of the first Cavaliers to pass the Gold. Robbie

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme has always interested me, because it is not 'obedience'. My old Cavaliers, now gone, took it with Robbie in 1994. In those early days, there was only one level, which is now classed as Bronze. Like all good ideas, the Scheme has grown and widened, with a new 'Puppy' just being introduced.

S.E.C.T.D.S continues to hold Good Citizen, as part of the show, with excellent results, proving Toy dogs more than capable. The SKC hosts The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Bronze Level at their Championship Shows, and this year, I was asked to co-ordinate the event at both shows. All the dogs passed and those that took part, enjoyed it. Sadly, during the time I have been involved, few dogs have been 'toys'. Nonetheless, the Scheme was staged at the Callander World Highland Games in July and every dog entered for testing went away Good Citizens.

So, come on all you Toy Group dogs, take a little time out after you have been in the show ring and come and join us at SKC. Come and 'have a go', you will be surprised at what you can do. It is not 'obedience', it is about the things we all do each and every day, without even thinking, and you can do it.

Fair City DTC also held tests for the Road Safety Diploma, and again, this is not 'obedience', but every day control. Robbie gained his Silver Medal and Angus (still a wee yo-yo) gained his Bronze Medal. My 'boys' are not show Cavaliers, but I am very proud of them both.

Article first printed in 2001

 © Callander-PH  / S.E.C.T.D.S.

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