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Ever Tried Obedience? Update

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I'm Robbie (Leebren Roby Roy), and you may remember reading my wee story, last year. For those who are interested, you may like an update.

Apart from me, there is my real mum Hovis (Leebren Cinnamon Fizz), and Angus (Cavallino Jaeger). We, are all Cavaliers, but we do wonder whether Angus has a dim distant ancestor, who was once a yo-yo. What it is to be young, but that's enough of him for now. Robbie

Now, to business. You may recall that we are still actively part of South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society and, over the past two years, the Society's Toy Dog Obedience Display Team have appeared at Discover Dogs and at Crufts. When the Crufts invitation came from The Kennel Club, I was asked to be part of that team for Crufts 2000.

We left Angus and Hovis with friends, John & Carol White (Carleny) and started on that long drive down through the night. We were to meet up with Carol, already at Crufts and drive back together. The halls were busy and noisy, with people and dogs everywhere. It was so exciting and with so much so see. But I kept my calm and composed myself for we had to concentrate on what we would have to do. Some of the team had done it before, but not all, and this was the first time we had got together. At this point, I would like to introduce the other members of our team:- Team

Chaos - Affenpinscher (Atoyac Chaotic Harmony at Jarube) - with Janet Beale
Dash - C.K.C.S. (Granmore Grace) - with Paula West
Tilly - C.K.C.S. (Welcome Sunshine) - with Jan White
James - C.K.C.S. (Ellis James) - with Christine Knowles
Samuel - C.K.C.S. (Tayneyn Samuel) - with Winston Knowles
Harvey - Italian Greyhound (Berinshill Putra) - with Nicky Fountain
Sunny - Papillon (Khanness Birthday Boy) - with Pat Ross (Team Leader)
Arc - Papillon (Danica Queeny) - with Ann Stilgoe
Charlie - Pekingese (Tarapiki Magnetism with Magnetizzam) - with Selena Lund
Mr. Rob Dunning (Anjuskar Italian Greyhounds) was our commentator.

While all of us dogs sat on our benches, the handlers lined up for a quick ten minute practise in the corner. There were many crossed fingers and a lot of nerves, as we made our entrance into the ring. The solo performances were to be by Charlie, the Pekingese, doing distance control, Sunny and James doing scent, and the Italian Greyhound, a nervous little soul, would do a recall. We all did heelwork together and it was great, until we all lined up for the recall from the centre of the ring.....

....You see, there was this 'black and tan' near me and, in the excitement, I thought it must be Angus. I am ashamed to say I ran across the ring to be with him, only it was a 'her', Dash. All right, so I forgot that Angus was back in Scotland, but nobody minded and the audience laughed. Being at Crufts is enough to leave the best a little breathless. ....... I ... me ... was at Crufts .... and Carol was taking photographs.

When we came to do the same exercise during the team's next performance, I'm sorry but I just didn't hear myself being called. I think I must have daydreaming and imaging myself in that 'big' ring. Mind, if everything was perfect, life would be very boring, and at least I got to do two' solos' at Crufts. And I wasn't the only one, which proves we are not automotons and it all adds to the fun. And fun it was. None of us would have missed it for the world. Robbie

Many thanks to The Kennel Club, for giving us the opportunity to show that toy dogs just don't sit around on laps, making a lot of noise. Not only do we have brains, perhaps too many sometimes, but we were able to show that there is also an interesting and exicting life to be had, for those of us not up to the standard of the show ring, whatever breed we are. Long may Crufts have their interest features, there are a lot of ordinary dogs out there.

Naturally, I've had to show my superiority to Angus; these youngsters need teaching and, in fact, he's coming on quite well. We are very keen on The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. Hovis and I have both got our Silver and bless him, Angus, our wee yo-yo, passed his Bronze Level Test at Fair City Dog Training Club when he was just over 5 months old, two weeks younger than when I passed mine. Well done little lad, we knew you would do it.

Now you must watch me when I'm training and learn, so that you can take your place within South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Display Team. When that day comes, perhaps I'll be able to lay in the chair and just dream of my day at Crufts 2000.

We have heard that South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Obedience Display Team have been invited back to Birmingham National Championship Show next Easter, 2001. At this moment in time, it looks as if all three of us dogs, Hovis, Angus and myself will be going.

Bye for now,


Article first printed in 2000

 © Callander-PH  / S.E.C.T.D.S.

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