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Hollie (Ilex Reds Lassie)

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hollie Hi There,

I'm Pat, and the very proud owner of the most gorgeous (well, I think so) eighteen month old Border Collie, called Hollie.

For the past fifteen months, Hollie and I have been going to obedience classes, to learn how to behave. At first, I was very apprehensive, more so than the puppy, and had no idea of what I was letting myself in for. But, after a few weeks, my confidence started to grow and I thought "yes, I can do this ".

Well, Hollie soon brought me back to earth and with a big bump. In one week, she totally destroyed all the confidence I had built up. She would not even do the basic sit, when commanded, and made a complete fool of me in front of the whole class. I burst into tears and would have given her to the first person who passed, no, I rephrase that, I would have paid money to that first person to take her off my hands.

Now, reading this, you must be thinking "right, no way am I doing that.... ", but what I didn't realize was that everyone in the class was in the same situation. We all have 'off' days with our dogs and sometimes even despair of them. Then, in class, they'll do something so perfectly, that the trainer uses you and your dog to demonstrate the exercise. At times like this the feeling of achievement is boundless, like a lot of the dogs in the hall, when let off their leads.


For me, obedience classes have more than paid off. I can take Hollie anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, playgrounds, towns, parks, even a pub garden, where she will lay quietly, while I have a meal, in the knowledge that I, and not Hollie, am in full control of any situation that may arise.

Looking back, had anyone told me that Hollie would have gained the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award and won eight Companion Dog Show rosettes, some of them firsts, for beauty and other talents, I would never have believed it.

Oh,yes, and Companion Dog Shows is another pastime we've discovered..... go to Home Page for details.

So, come on all you folk out there, no matter what age your dog or what breed..... oh, yes, they can ALL do it.... why not give obedience classes a try. It's good fun and brings a great deal of satisfaction, when you can keep control of your dog.

And lastly, if I can manage it, anyone can, even you, honest.

Pat Howie
Show Assistant

Article 2007

 © Callander-PH

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