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Ewan (Sandbrae Rockabye)

A Wee Boy Out Of The Blue

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Ewan4 And he was just that, in more ways than one, for mother Steffi is Sandbrae Atomic Blue and granny Alice is Sandbrae Alice Blue Gown.

With the loss of Hovis in 2001, then the Rottweiler attack on Angus in 2002, I was far from receptive to the idea of another dog. But, during 2003, the feeling grew that it was now time and a bitch, I thought, would be the best solution. The dog had to be another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so I let my interest be known in homing a bitch no longer to be bred from.......and waited.

Several months later, to my surprise, I received a phone call. You spoke to me last year, the lady told me, I have a litter and there is one wee, wee boy, who's not show standard, but I want a good home for him and thought of you. I felt honoured that the breeder wanted me to have her puppy and Ewan came to join Robbie, Angus and myself in April.


Ewan's potential career in the show ring was over as soon as he was born in Strathaven on 14 January 2004, as he was mismarked for a Black & Tan. (His brother, Peter, and three sisters, Coco, Kizzie and Eva, were of the standard, and Kizzie has since qualified for Crufts). Born last and a bit small, his 'Dogwoman Mum' had to help with dinners, as he couldn't quite get the hand of sucking. But he was a real trier, he didn't give up, and neither did she, and soon got sorted, hence his official name had to be Rockabye.

It's said that if you haven't the brawn, then you have to have the brain and Ewan was certainly not at the back of the queue when that was given out. Definitely one that's been here before, nothing bothered this tiny wee soul, from big dogs to low-flying aircraft - been there, seen it all, done it all, that's Ewan. The first to open his eyes, he was the first to walk and never crawled at all. Always a busy boy and interested in everything, he doesn't miss much and is quick to learn. At 6˝ months old, and without ever going to a training club, he passed his Kennel Club Good Dog Scheme Bronze Level at the Callander World Highland Games Companion Dog Show.


We all travelled down to S.E.C.T.D.S. October show and took Jack (Carleny Sunset Surprise) as well. We all 'had a go' in the obedience and Robbie managed a 5th place in Novice, which was nice as he's getting old now. It's been said many times before, we don't live in or for the show ring, but to be able to take four dogs in the car 500 miles and 10˝hrs from Scotland down to London, without a murmur, who can ask for more, bless them, all of them. Oh, and of course, all the way back home again.

What Ewan will achieve in his lifetime, well, who knows........ None of my dogs are 'show quality', but there is far more to life than the show ring and I am very proud of my new wee, wee boy, as I am proud of my Robbie (Leebren Rob Roy), my Angus (Cavallino Jaeger) and all my Cavaliers, who have gone before.

Penny Hargrave. S.E.C.T.D.S. Obedience Representative / Vice-President
Article 2004
 © Callander-PH  / S.E.C.T.D.S.

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